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Nicosia's Original Bronx Bread Co.

Our Story

Long before we opened our doors in 1925 on a side street in Harlem, Calogero Nicosia began cultivating his passion for bread in the foothills of a town in Sicily, Santa Caterina. It was here that the tradition began and now, 4 generations later, we offer that taste to you.

Our quality hand crafted breads are made fresh by our highly skilled bakers. Our bread is slowly fermented and baked to a light golden color to enhance flavor, and is always made fresh and delivered 7 days a week.

Take one home, cut it open and Taste the Tradition!

Charles Nicosia


Being a 4th generation owner I grew up with a passion for the bakery business. As we continue to grow, it's important for us to maintain the tradition of excellent customer relations. I strive to improve not only our customer service but our employee relationship. It is my goal to maintain a standard of excellence as our company expands for many years to come. I thank you for your patronage and invite you to "Taste the Tradition!".

Joseph Nicosia


At the age of 13 I became intrigued by my family's bakery, and after college I spent my weekends working there. I found myself improving the business and creating new products. Ten years later, I strive to make quality products that have a universal appeal to multiple businesses. I thank you for your support and look forward to a lasting relationship built on passion and dedication.